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Our Philosophy

Krompres's 40+ Years Experience Quality

Today Krompres; It realizes all kinds of projects with an exemplary understanding of quality with its range of services from a single workbench to complex projects. You could see an example of over 40 years and our expanding perspective ...

Custom Made

We make special designs for the wines to be displayed in more suitable conditions and in a more elegant way, and we manufacture them for you, taking these conditions into account.

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We determine the most suitable conditions for the projects in your professional kitchens according to the needs of the chefs, and by presenting these designs to you in 2D and 3D environments, we move forward together until the final solution process and manufacture your kitchens.

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We carry out 2D and 3D studies of the materials of Wine Cellars, taking into account the wishes of our customers, and we progress and manufacture together with our customers until the final solution process.

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In line with the needs of the bartenders, we make projects by thinking according to their most intense working tempo and we manufacture our products according to the most suitable conditions.

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Why Us?

Special Project

We are always one step ahead with the customer-oriented special projects we design.


Quality for us; Putting the right product or service into the hands of our customers at the right time and at the right price.

Customer Happiness

We ensure customer satisfaction by always standing behind the products we produce and the projects we do.

It is to design perfect projects that will add difference to life, have aesthetic value, using the latest possibilities of today's technology. Producing user-friendly and environmentally friendly products is both a mission and a source of inspiration for KROMPRES.

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