Meat Forming Machine

Stainless steel and aluminum are made of ETAL 171 erosion resistant materials.

  • The machine is movable from the gear unit. It has a 0,75 kw 1 hp 380 volt 50 hz three-phase motor, but it works with 220 volts.
  • The machine operates between 25 and 40 revolutions per minute.
  • There is a compressor system in the machine which provides air to the scraper wire system and works silently in the machine bottom stand.
  • The machine's product cutting wire is operated automatically with pneumatic air system.
  • There is a stainless control panel on the machine.
  • On the stainless control panel, there is a counter device, emergency stop button, speed adjustment button, on-off button which allows the product to be counted one by one.
  • There is a main switch on the chassis of the compressor system.
  • Product reinforcement upper chamber door is made of 304 quality chrome nickel stainless steel sheet.
  • There is 1 stainless carrier (mixer) pallet in the product reinforcement upper chamber.
  • For safety in the upper chamber, there is a sensor that automatically stops the machine when it is opened, and a re-operation when it is closed.
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